3 Color Schemes for Your Kid’s Rooms

By : businessbid

It is said that there are 10 Million Colors which can be seen and yet pink and blue are considered as the only colors best for a kid’s room. Why? Because miraculously, they define genders. What you need to do is think out of the box while room painting in Dubai and make your kids room as inspirational and fun as possible. If I was a child, I’d probably paint my room indigo so you can even ask your kids their favorite color and just play with it!

Boys’ Room:

Timeless and Classic: White, navy blue, and Khaki with pops of orange are one of the best color schemes for a boy’s room. It is as timeless as it gets and it will never grow old even if your boy does. Which makes it the safest of all color schemes as you won’t have to change it again and again.

Youthful and Energetic: What’s better than an energy promoting color? According to Houzz, this color scheme for boy’s room includes white, orange, and gray and can give a very chic spin to the old sports themed bedrooms. Orange is not a childish color, but a terrific one!

Girls’ Room:

Berry Blast: So let’s say that your girl absolutely loves pink which means she’d also love to have her room painted in pink. But you don’t have to actually paint the whole room with it. Try to add some different colors like sky blue and citrus. This way, you can make the color scheme bright and not so saccharine.

Green Peace: If your girl loves nature, then go for a very natural color scheme. Ditch pink and make a very sophisticated statement by adding sunshine yellow, grass green, and brown. What’s more, adding a bit of mint green will give the room an overall harmonious and a balanced feel.

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