8 Mistakes to Avoid When Painting in Dubai

By : businessbid

When it comes to get your home or office painted, you expect a good result and with great value. And although as a customer we cannot guarantee the final quality and outcome there are certain do’s and don’ts you need to follow to influence the outcome. There are plenty of painters in Dubai who will get your job done but there only a few who will get it done right.

There are some mistakes you can avoid when choosing painting services in Dubai to get a best possible outcome:

  • Get Multiple Quotes – Always get multiple quotes for your project from different painting services in Dubai, so you can compare apples for apples in terms of quality
  • Hiring painters who are not verified – You do not want to engage someone who has no customer references and has not been verified of their quality and professionalism
  • Choosing someone who has no Experience – Always hire a painting contractor in Dubai who has relevant experience for your project, especially if it is a complex or a large scale project.
  • Choosing painters who are not insured – You need to ensure a painting contractor who has liability coverage and insurance if something went wrong on site, you want someone accountable.
  • Using a generic paint for all surfaces – Avoid using a generic paint can create problems. There should be different paints used for interior, external and delicate surfaces to get the best results
  • Hiring a “one-man” painting contractor – Unless the scope of the job is extremely small, try avoiding a one-man team for your painting project. Not only does it affect the workload it also compromises on the schedules and creates a point of failure.
  • Choosing the Cheapest Option – There is a saying “Pay Peanuts & Get Monkeys” hold merit. There are plenty of painters in Dubai, but never hire the cheapest painter as clearly they are trying to win your business.
  • Not getting a written contract – The best way to avoid disputes, conflicts and scope creep is to ensure you have a written contract in place.

Good luck with your project!

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