Checklist for Painting a Room

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By : businessbid

Who doesn’t love color in their life? I am sure we all crave a bright cheerful home to come back to after a long dreadful day at work. Home painting in Dubai is now becoming a work of art. But before you get your room painted, put a tick against each of these on your checklist:

  1. Have you done a sample test?

You may be an expert in color selection but remember, a color that you thought to be a success in your room, can be a disaster. So, do a sample color test in one corner of the room to ensure that you have the right shade.

  1. Have you prepared the room before painting?

A new coat of paint will not add gloss unless the walls are cleaned off dust and debris. So ensure that the room which+ needs to be painted is prepped and cleaned before the actual paint starts.

  1. Have you analyzed the room structure?

It is advised by Fresh Home that if a room is big and spacious, a darker color will add depth to the room. Whereas, a small room can look airy by using soft pastel colors which welcome bright natural lights.

  1. Have you decided on how much paint you want to be done?

Just because you need a change of color, does not mean that you redo the paint of your entire house or even your whole room. Determine how much painting you want to be done. At times, even a single bright colored wall can add a totally new look to space and refresh the entire look of your house.

It seems easy to do it yourself but my experience has taught me that something as essential as house painting should only be left up to the professionals. So look no further and visit Business Bid to get the best quotes from the painting companies in Dubai.

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