Choosing The Right Paint for your Project

By : businessbid

One of the biggest challenges with any painting project is to choose the right paint type and colour and it doesn’t matter if it is for your home, apartment, office or showroom. After all the objective for choosing the right paint is for the final outcome to be attractive, provide durability and avoid damage control with the weather and wear and tear elements. A lot of paint companies in UAE will tell you that you need to select a paint which is both aesthetic in its appearance and functional in its performance.

Tips for Choosing Paints for Indoor Projects

Selecting the paint for the insides of your home is an easier task as usually the climate and environmental conditions remain consistent. Also the selection usually boils down to aesthetics rather than performance.

  • Areas of the house more prone to “rundown” you should use alkyd paint as the finishes are a lot tougher.
  • If you need to apply multiple layers to any particular surface then an acrylic finish is the most desirable.
  • Gloss-finish paints usually last longer and are more durable when it comes to scratches.
  • In wet areas where moisture is prevalent it is better to use an oil-based or acrylic paint for best performance.

Tips for Outdoor Projects

Outdoor painting is a lot trickier than indoor painting as the type and kind of paint usually depends on the external finish of the structure. Other factors such as climate and environmental conditions are not constant and keep changing. There are plenty of paint companies in UAE who will be more than happy to advise you on which paints to choose for your specific needs.

  • If you have an external surface and you wish to avoid cracking then pure acrylic paint is your solution.
  • If your external surface gets a lot of direct sunlight then it is best to avoid alkyd paint.
  • You also need to use different paints for metal, wood and concrete structures.
  • For desert climates like Dubai, spray and back rolling is the one of the most efficient methods.
  • Do not apply the second coat of paint immediately as you drying times need to be doubled in hotter climates.

The advantage of hiring experienced and trusted painters in Dubai will ensure that they are aware of what kind of paints and techniques need to be used.

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