Paint Up a Cool Bathroom

By : businessbid

Let’s face it! You can talk all you want about fancy lounges and dining rooms and a well-maintained beautiful garden, but nothing beats the calm and serenity of a relaxing bathroom. This is exactly why bathrooms are the private retreats that all painting companies in Dubai have now focused on. When I decided to paint up a cool bathroom for my home, here’s how I went about it:

  1. Use Humidity Tolerant Paints
    It is no surprise that we live in a humidity-laden zone and you need to use paints that can actually stand up to humidity and retain their glossy finish throughout the year. It would be a shame if you take a hot shower and find out that the steam from the bath has led to the paint from the ceiling, peeling it away!
  2. Make Sure to Have the Final Look
    When getting a bathroom painted, you wouldn’t want sharp bright colors that alter the light and bounce off in strong ways. That, of course, will not lead you to a peaceful private retreat. So make sure you have the final look
    and colors in your mind when starting the paint job.
  3. Design a SPA Experience
    With the right colors around you, you can turn your master bathroom into a soothing spa-like experience as Benjamin Moore explains. Colors having cool or warm undertones are best suited for such an uplifting experience.
  4. Use Bold Colors for Small Bathrooms
    Yes, if you have a very small cubicle as a bathroom, you can use strong rich colors to make them stand out and have a separate identity of their own.Since the rest of your apartment, if small, would be painted in soft and pastel shades, a pop of color in the bathroom will be an uplifting change in your home.
  5. Opt for Neutral in Others
    In a medium-sized bathroom, opt for neutral colors with soft pastel effects which can complement the countertops and cabinets of the bathroom and give a relaxed feel.
  6. Color Coordinate the Ceiling
    You don’t have to necessarily use the same white or gray for the walls and the ceiling. You can always complement the ceiling with other lighter hues such as teal gray or pastel shades of soft pink.

So, when you do decide to get your bathroom painted, do get some serious professional advice from Business Bid to stay abreast of all vendors involved in painting in Dubai.

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