Hire home painters in Dubai to give your abode your own personal touch

Your home is your place of comfort and rest. Whether you live in an apartment in Downtown Dubai, or a villa in Arabian Ranches, you will want to give it your personal touch – make it into a space where you can feel comfortable and relaxed. Now, with our company, you can do that and more!

Access our network of professional home painters today, and get the best price for any specific house painting service in Dubai.

How to get competitive quotes from the best home painters in the city today

Our company has partnered with some of the premier painting companies and contractors in the country today, to give our customers access to premium painting services at highly competitive prices. With our online portal, users can request and receive quotes from industry professionals for their specific needs. Everything can be done within 3 easy steps!

First, fill out our online form with your name, contact information (mobile phone and email), and a brief but clear description of the work you need to get done. Following this, you will receive up to three free quotes from our partner companies within the next couple of hours. Choose the quote that fits your budget, and you’re up to finalising the details of the job.

The result of that simple process is high quality work, done by trusted and reliable professionals, at a price that is highly competitive – in short, incredible value for your money.

Get Started Early

Getting things underway: How to get our professionals started on your house painting service

Hiring professionals to layer paint on to your home in Dubai is a complex task. There are a couple of things you should consider before you get started:

  • Which parts of your home you are planning to paint or repaint – the extent of the work will help determine the cost of the project, and the number of people required to finish the job.
  • How much is your budget for the project – consider a price range that is reasonable. Remember that cheap rates often come with cheap work, but exorbitant rates don’t always translate to excellent results.
  • What colours are you considering for every room or space – remember that colours can influence the mood and atmosphere of a room, so consider that in your decision.
  • What preparations must be considered when painting your home - house painting will require you to move furniture and furnishings to give your home painters space to work. After all, you don’t want paint splatters on your teak wood table or antique cabinet, and you want the professionals to be able to navigate the space without obstructions.
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